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Doge Coin

Are you ready for our daily challanges?

Hey Lunians!

Watching over our community has always been one of our duties. It is not only about programing, but also challenging you! That being said, we are capable to integrate new ideas, competitivity and teamwork.

Our famous and exclusive currency Doge Coin is here! And with that we will provide you a daily charade and challenge. Yes, you understood right! We are challenging you and your team to be capable to complete these tasks.

But Lunia Reborn, what is the currency DogeCoin and what it is used for?
Hold on! We will clarify your doubts.

The famous and old Lunia Z had its ups and downs, with a huge amount of suggestions, allowing us to embrace those ideas to get to a reasonable decision.

That being said, we created the currency Doge Coin, an unique coin that can be used for services in game. Besides being TRADABLE, allowing you to buy specific items at your store, located at the NPC Doge Coin.

But how can I get Doge Coins?

Well, there your challenge begins!

Every day a new charade will be announced and you will literally have to kill to find out the answer. In other words, every day we will choose a random stage to be cleared as much as you wan't, with a chance to drop the Doge Coin, until the next stage - and charade - is released.

We highlight that the Drop % of the Coin is variable acording to the difficulty the map offers.

Pay attention at our in-game announcements and also at our Website and Discord Server.

Lunia Reborn

Come meet us

Lunia Reborn was born in 2019 with the aim of developing, bringing together and remember the famous Lunia that we all love and have shared good moments,. Also, we are very happy to announce that we currently have full control over the game, reason why we can provide fully bug fixes, editions and new content creation.

What do we have to offer for you?

Lunia 3.1

Devildoom Achievement system Status transfer system Unified family and guild Ranking What is the look of the day? Transform your LCoin into tradable currencies Daily missions Myth set required for myth mode DogeCoin Characters balance: Dacy, Ralph and Dark Eir Cave of Chaos Bug fix Market Pets

Did you guys liked it? If so, come along with us an lets make this community even better.

Lunia: Record of Lunia War

Massively multiplayer online role-playing game, Action game

Lunia, a game in contrast even today, among many MMORPGs currently on the market, is played as an action arcade game, with an anime look. The initial version of Lunia offers four main character classes free to play. This includes Sieg the Knight (Warrior), Eir the Healer (Priest), Dainn the Wizard (Wizard) and Tia the Thief (Killer/bandit).

Currently there are numerous classes available for free. While similar, each features a different playstyle, such as Lime, Ryan Hunt, Dacy Dalstrin, Arien, Asuka, and more, as well as Dark Eir and Arta Lorraine. Character abilities can be customized through the use of skill points the player gains upon reaching a new level. The current maximum character level is 99.

Level Additional Skill Points

  • Below 70 -> 01 Skill Points
  • From 70 to 79 -> 02 Skill Points
  • From 80 to 89 -> 03 Skill Points
  • From 90 to 98 -> 04 Skill points
  • At 99 -> 05 Skill Points


In gameplay, the player/player is free to move around the game using keys instead of a mouse cursor (freeing the user from the standard point-and-click method). Instead of clicking on an enemy to attack, multiple attacks can be launched by pressing combinations of two attack buttons and even the spacebar. The two attack keys act as a normal attack and a class-specific attack.


The spacebar is used as a down attack/finisher against grounded opponents. Attacks can be chained together in combos, mostly aerial, which are based on timing, combo, and order of attack buttons pressed. Additionally, abilities and special items can be assigned to hotkeys to be used more easily as separate attacks or in combos. In addition, Lunia does not restrict your skill hotkeys as much as the function keys (F1-F9) which allows you to fully customize and adapt the game's controls to your taste and style.


Lunia's story consists of a series of plot "arcs", which are groups of 7 episodes that are linked into a plot. The episodes are groups of 10 stages, where you can choose between the easy, normal and difficult difficulties that are the levels in Lunia. Each episode has a different setting, and the setting changes a bit halfway through each episode. For example, Episode 1 starts with players crossing plains and then progressing into a forest. Episode 2 sees players starting out on a snow-covered mountain traveling through a winter village and eventually entering an icy cave. Each episode has a "Legend/Legend" counterpart. While the stages remain largely the same in essence, the enemies encountered are much stronger and sometimes have new partners. Sometimes even the boss fights are changed.


Currently Lunia has 7 episodes, totaling 13, including legends stages, but episode 7 does not have a legends stage. The 7 episodes are followed by the Myth(Divine) mode, which is a continuation of the story 2 years after the end of episode 6. Lunia also features several secondary stages that offer players various mini-adventures such as Raids and daily and seasonal events. Aside from the story/history, legend/legend, and divine/myth modes, Lunia offers several player-versus-player (PvP) arenas that allow for 1-on-1 and even 8-on-8 combat. Some PvP arenas are offered exclusively, such as: Snowman Fight which, which allows players to don snowman costumes and fight each other with whimsical snowballs of various sizes and special effects or our server's classic mode, the uncontrollable critical room that allows players to use methods similar to MOBA games. The main feature of this mode is to have two opposing teams that fight each other, whose objective is to destroy the enemy base, with additional features of conventional modes.


More information about Game modes: History This mode is divided into episodes. Each of them consists of ten stages, in addition to bonus stages. As you progress through this mode, it is possible to learn more about the happenings in the world of Lunia. When you get to stage five or ten of each episode, you'll be able to talk to villagers who offer you optional quests. If you do them, when you talk to the necessary villager, you will gain experience and you can also gain items, or you can simply acquire items that drop from the monsters of each episode. Remembering that each episode the dropped items have a higher level as a requirement for use, but consequently, they are stronger. Legend Mode similar to History. But you will be able to see changes in monsters and phase, for this mode you need level 50 to enter and there are additional objectives, as well as exclusive items.


Myth 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. The difficulty level is higher than Legend mode, being exclusive to characters with level 65 or higher. Where you can further immerse yourself in the story and acquire exclusive items and even "crafts" where, for example, it is possible to merge a legend item with a myth item and thus, transforming it into a superior and stronger item for your adventures. Divine 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 The difficulty level is higher than Myth mode, being exclusive to reborn characters (reborn only), with level 70 or higher.


Each Divine Mode has specific stages, monsters and bosses that are the starting point for DevilDoom Mode. devil doom Devil doom mode comes after god mode. In devil doom mode it is possible to acquire exclusive items, being the strongest for your adventures, you can get through bosses or by joining broken pieces of accessories to form the item in question. They are also known as dd1, dd2, dd3, dd4 and dd5. The number indicates the floor and difficulty. Being one of the most fun ways to play in groups. visual items In addition to being able to use the most diverse items in the story, legend, myth and divine modes, you can also style your character with various visual items, in which you can leave them on display or not, and it is also possible to include Scrolls ( scrolls) with additional attributes, making your character stronger and more stylish! There are more than 40.000 visual items.


There are currently 17 Characters from 3 different classes to be chosen.

Characters are separated into 3 distinct classes, namely, Vitality (VIT), Intelligence (INT) and Dexterity (DEX)


Characters focused on vitality usually use physical and melee attacks against monsters, but not excluding magic and immune attacks, they have higher HP and HP recovery, that is, they are more advisable to face bosses and take the lead during a team battle


Characters focused on intelligence, use magic attacks, but not excluding physical attacks, usually in area or long distance, have a higher MP rate and MP recovery, being advisable to clean corridors and face monster waves and team support.


Characters focused on Dexterity, have both magic and physical attacks, both in area and centered attacks. When they reach a certain level, they can rotate their skills without "delay", that is, without waiting time, they have a higher rate of Critical damage, however, they tend to use a lot of MP and don't have as much HP compared to other classes, being recommended for hybrid and control games.

But, as much as there are different classes, certain characters have unique characteristics in relation to their gameplay, and can often seem like a hybrid class.

Sieg Helmonte, The knight

Sieg is the basic melee fighter. As a good knight, he specializes in sword attacks, with powerful, fast and continuous blows. He still has powerful special attacks and has a high battle resistance.

Eir Peltrow, The priestess

Eir is the rightful heir to the throne. She is versed in the holy arts, specializing in healing and healing her allies. She needs to be protected at all costs, as her combat capabilities aren't the best. But anyone who thinks that Eir has no way of defending himself is wrong. If necessary, she can use her staff strikes and invoke the Moon Goddess's powers to fend off and defeat enemies and thus have a chance to recover.

Dainn Crowley, The royal sorcerer

Sorcerers are masters of controlling the elements. In a few moments, Dainn is able to hurl blasts of fire, earth balls, splinters of ice or even summon a dragon to attack his enemies. He is essential to finish off large amounts of monsters at the same time, but needs time to cast his spells. His most coveted power for having high level of damage is called "Dragon's Wrath".

Tia, The ninja

Tia wants to find her father, a high-ranking officer, missing. As a ninja, she is known for her numerous blows, her ability to jump and throw shurikens, as well as poison her opponents in a variety of ways.

Lime, The slime

Lime, is a gooey little monster, but very friendly, who doesn't give his enemies easy. Very strong, he has a series of powerful moves, such as his voracious bite, acid spit, toxic gases, support abilities and an incredible ability to transform, being able to become a legendary slime boss. One of his weaknesses is his speed, as he tends to be slow.

Dacy Dalstrin, The summoner

Dacy is a puppeteer or also known as a puppet "summoner". It is ideal for players who like to use strategy. Due to her summoning or manipulation ability, Dacy uses them to defend or attack for her own benefit. The various movements of the puppets can be executed through a menu or using the keyboard, thus bringing more dynamism.

Yuki, The ice mage

Yuki is delicate and mysterious. By being introspective and always living close to the nature of the village where she was born, she developed skills to manipulate ice and use it to defend herself.

Krieg El Hati, The avenging templar

Krieg uses two large hammers that allow him to inflict a lot of damage on his enemies, but being a holy soldier, he can also heal himself or other players, which is his main differentiator from Tia and Sieg.

Arien Carnesir, The magic archer

Arien doesn't like fighting, but she has a responsibility to keep the elves' forest safe from enemies. His magic comes from natural elements such as lightning, wind and flame. His skills with arrows, on the other hand, allow him to launch multiple arrows very quickly, loaded with bombs attached or made from beams of light.

Ryan Hunt, The bounty hunter

Ryan Hunt is the first character who uses firearms in Lunia. His ability to use various weapons allows him to fire projectiles of fire, light and make long-distance physical attacks. Ryan is a boy of few words, always looking for perfection. He hunts monsters and criminals and uses all the money from his bounties to further improve his most peculiar weapons - firearms, something rare in a world dominated by magic.

Kali Eschenbach, The bard of darkness

Even at sixteen, this young girl already plays her instrument like a pro. Despite having a kind air, she hides a dark secret: she is a demon that emerged in the time of pandemonium, and, disguised as a human, causes misfortune. Using pandemonium makes it possible for your musical notes to cause psychic damage to your enemies or the healing of mana or health to allies.

Asuka, The swordswoman

This character is a 15-year-old girl with a cold personality who wields two swords and her attire is a merge of the Japanese school uniform with the martial art uniform. Her story is: Ten years ago, a sleepy village in the far east of Rhodesia was devastated by the forces of darkness. Very young, the only survivor found was Asuka, a six-year-old girl. The girl was adopted by old Kaji, one of the most skilled samurai. The result of all this training was a loyal swordswoman, swift as the wind and extremely lethal. Strong as Sieg and fast as Tia, Asuka is about to join the heroes of Rhodesia to fight the armies of evil.

Ralph Schnell, The fighter

He is a fighter who uses sieg-like abilities, uses lightning abilities as well, in addition to having a similar ability to Hadounken and kamehameha. Little is known about Ralph's past. His first memories are of a harsh time when he lived alone on the streets and had to survive on his own. But, unlike many doomed to the same fate, a strong sense of justice has always accompanied the boy who, from an early age, began to use his strength to defend the weakest. Thus, a new hero was born. Today Ralph is an accomplished martial artist, master of a conducive fighting style.

Dark Eir, The dark princess

Princess Eir died fighting Rigel in Soldin's sanctuary. The remaining group of adventurers became aware of an artifact called a vessel of souls, where they could resurrect Eir. Eir's resurrection process was interrupted by the god Yama.

The curiosity that Yama - Elder God of Death and Darkness - feels for humans arose the day he saw a group of heroes fighting the Gods. Nephron explained to the deity that the race that fascinated him was created by Lunia, and that the people he saw had come from the future to try to recreate the Vessel of Soul. The ultimate goal was to resurrect a Princess who lived in a very distant time.

So, Yama used Lunia's power to create a new soul. He mixed some of her power into it and, before bottling it, added what little was left of Eir's spirit to the combination. When everything was ready, the God asked Nephron to take the vessel to the time of those young people. "If we lose the fight and are locked away, this soul will lead my dark creation and will be the key to breaking the seal. Go!"

Once in the present, Nephron opened the bottle and poured his soul into a doll he created himself. Then he whispered, "A Princess of Darkness... Shall be born!".

Arta Lorraine, The engineer

The Engineer is a true child genius, with a very high IQ, capable of creating and building various contraptions and mechanical devices. Born in the future of the world of Rhodesia, Arta always lived with her mind working a mile a minute. Hence, the restless girl yearned to experience legendary adventures like those of Princess Eir and her friends that, in her day, she only read about in history books. And it was only a matter of time before she built a machine and returned to the present day to join her idols. She is able to use her abilities to create various combat weapons. In addition, she is even able to summon and pilot a kind of war tank. She can also craft refining items to improve her gear, as well as vary her mechanical hammer's special effects to surprise her opponents.

Gaon, The lancer

In time immemorial Gaon was the Dragon God of Chaos, but he fell asleep and lost his powers, now he joins Dainn and co in order to regain his true powers.

Iris Lyndall, The flame sorceress

Former crew member of the pirate Jack Tod, boss of stage 4-7 (episode 4, stage 7). When Jack decided to join Rigel's troops she left and began her journey in search of money and a crew to act as captain. She is Lunia's latest character, created by a player from the global version of the game. Iris as her main outfit wears a kind of cape mixed with a corset, and a white shirt. Her hair in a ponytail and eyes are purple in color. Her main weapon was to be a whip, according to the player who created her. The developer changed the weapon to two chains called a double axe. Looking at the player's original project and the project announced by developer ALLM, there are clearly small changes to the character, such as a larger neckline, altered belt details and a slight change in the character's silhouette.


There are many pets to be chosen. Choose your favorite!

  • Mini Dacy, Summoner miniature.
  • Mini Daru miniature version of the boss found in episode 3-10.
  • Phoenix, fire eagle. released in 2010 in the Brazilian version.
  • Unicorn, the unicorn.
  • Tora and Kipi, the tigers.
  • Zeca, Kimi, Tom, Kitty and Mimi, the cats.
  • Coti and Debo, the rabid dogs.
  • Biro and Blu, the teddy bears.
  • Doni, Roger and Soot, the rabbits.
  • Lepi, Pipo and Ludo, the chipmunks.
  • Willbur and Poico, the pigs.
  • Cookie, Caramel and Chocolate, the happy dogs.
  • Mini Eir, miniature of the priestess.
  • Bill, bull
  • Succubus and Lilith, the imps.
  • Montecoelhos and Cenourentos, the rival families of rabbits.
  • Jack Parrot and Red Feather, the pirate mascots.
  • Kirin of Luck and Kirin of Virtue, the celestial protectors.
  • Sharp boots, tongue and foil.
  • Khan and Rajah, the wild tigers.
  • Lime and Lime Blue, the charismatic slime.
  • Hildr.
  • Skuld.
  • Brynhild.
  • Valkyries.
  • Among others.


  1. Do Not Be Rude to Others
    1. No insults, name-calling, or other general rude behavior against other players. Harassment/Bullying is not tolerated on Lunia Reborn.
    2. Do not make public accusations against or slander (talk bad about) other players.
    3. Be mindful and tolerant of players with other religions, ethnic backgrounds, political views, etc than what you may have. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.
    4. If you have a question about what is seen as rude, ask a Staff member.
  2. Do Not Touch What Isn't Yours
  3. Do Not Hack, Cheat, or Exploit
    1. Do not use any mods, macros or game bugs that give a significant advantage over other players. This also includes anything that may allow you to move, jump, or fly in a way not intended by the default game settings. Even if it's a server-side bug, do not abuse it. Stop and report the issue immediately to a Staff member.
    2. Automating actions, including - but not limited to - using auto-clickers, is legal as long as you are not AFK while doing so and the ability does not exceed normal playability. Kill auras, fast-clicking, etc are NOT normal play abilities. You must be aware, and able to respond to the staff at all times.
  4. Do Not Scam Other Players
    1. This includes the abuse of mistakes on shop signs, trying to cheat players out of their items, failing to deliver paid-for items, etc. If you have a question about what might constitute a scam, contact the Staff.
    2. Lotteries are disallowed due to their high involvement in previous scams.
    3. Do not create games or events that are not possible. This is defined by the Staff as a type of scam.
  5. Do Not Spam
    1. This includes the use of repetitive punctuation, letters, messages, words, shop adverts, etc.
    2. Please use English in public Chat channels. In all public chats, the use of other languages is not allowed because a staff member is not able to ensure you are abiding by all Lunia Reborn Chat Rules and to other players, it is seen as spam. This ruling includes Town, Local, Supporter, and Economy Chat channels.
    3. Only advertise your shop/market at a maximum of once every 3 hours, unless otherwise solicited, and only in the General Chat or a private message. This 3 hour timer is a per PLAYER and per SERVER message limit. If you have multiple items, you may only advertise one every 3 hours. Trying to keep it concise.
    4. The use of external characters/fonts is prohibited. It shows up as ???'s in the staff logs and is therefore disallowed regardless of the character you are trying to make.
  6. Utterly prohibited to stage with yourself
    1. It is also prohibited to play in multiple stages at once by the same person. Example: Two DD5 Parties with two different accounts being played by the same person.
    2. If anyone is caught doing this the accounts will be WIPED completely. Including all characters. DELETED.
  7. Do not cause public drama
    1. Intentionally doing anything that is likely to cause public upset, arguments, riots, or any other negative action, for any reason, is not allowed. Anyone participating in public drama via threads, pictures, videos or any of Lunia Reborn’s features, including, but not limited to the Forums, statuses and in-game Chat, will face consequences, as determined by Staff.
    2. Publicly stating that you are cheating or breaking the rules as a joke is a form of causing public drama. If you state that you are breaking the rules, you will be punished for the rule you are stating breakage of.
  8. Do not advertise or spread the word about other servers
    1. Do not name other servers via threads, pictures, videos or any of Lunia Reborns’s features, including, but not limited to the Forums, statuses and in-game Chat.
    2. You may not:
      1. Post threads stating that people can PM you for any sort of advertising NOT related to Lunia Reborn.
      2. Talk about other servers on the Lunia Reborn's forums, or in-game.
      3. Send unsolicited messages in any form to other players.
      4. If you wish to play with your friends from Lunia Reborn on a private server, you may do so privately. Keep all talk of this server in private communication channels.
      5. The only exception to this rule is stated in Off-Server Event Rules page.
  9. Do not use compromised/hacked accounts
    1. The use of compromised accounts is disallowed on Lunia Reborn. Any IP associated with compromised accounts will be banned along with possible individual account bans.
    2. If your own account becomes compromised, please report it to a staff member to be temp-banned for your own protection.
    3. Do not participate in RMT transactions (Real-Money-Trading).
    4. Any attempt to use our forums or in-game communication to buy or sell any item outside of the Lunia Reborn Community (including, but not limited to, Lunia Accounts, Steam games, etc) will result in severe punishment. Any attempt to sell in-game items or currency for real-world currency is not allowed. Do not get involved in such transactions.
  10. Do not ask for other player's personal (IRL) details
    1. Lunia Reborn is a place for players of all ages to play and feel safe. Always practice safe internet use practices. If someone asks you for your information, do not give it out. Report the action to a staff member immediately.
    2. Loaning and Banks are not moderated and are participated with at your own risk.
  11. Account sharing isn't prohibited
    1. You WILL be permanently banned from our servers if a user that you share your account with breaks our server's Rules. HWID association is permanent therefore your are responsible for other's actions in case of Account Sharing.
  12. Account selling is prohibited
    1. You WILL be banned, both buyer and seller for doing such WITHOUT the use of one of our Staff members (Lu Ci, Teles) as intermediaries of the transactions. Failure the do so may cause your account to be BANNED if the new owner breaks the rules in another account/character. That is because we keep track of HWID for identification.